Impractical but Totally Amazing Travel Guide for 2018

If you love travelling as much as the next person, you will probably agree that the best thing that can happen to you on your trip is stumbling across a colorful, lively local festival. Food stalls with mouth-watering treats, flamboyant costumes and live music are the most exciting way to experience a different culture and will make the highlight of every trip. Here’s the best places travel guide for 2018.

Travel Guide 2018

Why not take it to the extreme this year and plan your travelling in line with the most interesting, unique and exotic holidays around the world to have the superlative of a culture trip? We have planned the most exciting week of your life for your holiday this autumn.

13 September – Mumbai, India

We start our journey in the capital of the state of Maharashtra, home to one of the biggest festivities of the country, called Ganesh Chaturthi. The celebrations last 10 days and include countless street parades with music, group chanting and carrying giant statues of the elephant-headed god of wisdom into the nearby river.

Especially fascinating for tourists are the many athletic and martial arts competitions held during that time, which offer a unique opportunity to witness some of India’s most stunning historic traditions. Snack on some fresh Modak, a traditional sweet consisting of grated coconut, jaggery and flour, whilst enjoying the street performances – but be careful when eating at any street stalls or you could end up with a “Delhi Belly”!

14 September – Port Louis, Mauritius

Our next destination is a 6-hour flight away from busy Mumbai and provides the perfect balance after a hectic day in the crowds of India’s most populous city. Mauritius, where Hinduism actually forms the largest religion, doesn’t miss out on celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, where it is a famous public holiday.

This time, relax at the beach with a coconut in your hands whilst locals put the colourful hand-made statues into the ocean. A surely welcomed break from yesterday’s stress but educating nevertheless – that’s how holidays are supposed to be.

15 September – San José, Costa Rica

Today we fly to the other side of the world to sunny Costa Rica in South America. Here, the 15th of September is probably the most important day of the year: Independence Day. You will witness proud displays of the national flag, patriotic parades and an overwhelming sound when the whole country starts singing the National Anthem at exactly 6 pm.

After dark, hundreds of homemade lanterns that symbolize the freedom torch will light up the streets before a glorious firework ends off the day.

16 September – Mexico City, Mexico

A quick flight up north and you will be able to witness how Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico; with lots of Tequila and a colorful fiesta. Don’t miss out on local food, passionate street dancing and mingling with the locals to celebrate “Viva Mexico” in true Mexican fashion.

17 September – Kyoto, Japan

Our last stop takes us across the Pacific, all the way to the land of the rising sun, Japan. One of many age-related holidays, on Respect for the Aged Day, elderly citizens are honored by giving out beautifully arranged Obentos (lunch boxes), setting up joyful song and dance performances and visiting local shrines with their family. Even if you’re not over 65 just yet, taking part in the festivities will be an amazing experience.

Travelling around the world for five days might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing time-out (or an affordable one for that matter) but maybe you can pick your favorite and make it your goal to visit this year?

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