Being A Budget Traveler Isn’t All About The Money

Two years down the line, people would make fun of me for leaving my job in a corporate sector and joining as a travel blogger that too when I didn’t have any experience as a blogger. Of course, there was a reason I opted for the job as a travel blogger at FareKingdom – My love for travel & writing. I have faced many sleepless nights and restless days, wondering if I was doing right or if people will make fun of me if I confront them as a failure after the attempt? Thank god that the positive side of mine always supported me to pursue my passion and continue with what I was up to.

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I never wanted to return as a failure. And thankfully I never had to!
Working as a travel blogger is not just a profession for me, but a dream that I always wanted to turn into reality. So, as a successful travel blogger now an with more than 5 countries explored and millions of experiences in mind, I am again up for another travel journey but this time it is going to be something different, I’ll plan it to be the budget travel.

What Is The Budget Travel?
Frankly speaking, to me budget travel has nothing to do with what amount you spend on the travel. Rather, it is something about the way you spend it. Just as you don’t need to have a deep pocket or someone to fund your travel, you also don’t need to live on a shoestring to call yourself a budget traveler.

Just imagine, how you’d feel when you are in an unknown place with just $10 to be spent for a whole day and night. It’s about learning the new ways of living a life that is going to be better and thrilling than the comfortable workplace where you get coffee after every hour and the AC ensuring the perfect room temperature.

If you have a small amount of money you can spend whole day on almost everything ranging from travel, food, water, cloths, stay, etc., you learn better to take the innovative approach towards the life.

To me, traveling on budget is about frugal — not cheap.
It makes me learn about the best ways of saving even the single penny I can. Budget traveling helps know when and where to spend the money I have, no matter how much I happen to have. Book Budget Hotels Online.

You know to face the failure
We never want to face the failure and we’d love to go to any extent to avoid any situation that may result in failure. And budget traveling is something that proves to be your best support. It gives you the ability to survive in almost every situation you may face. And it isn’t all about the financial part, but a lot more than that. For example, if you’re in a job and given a task with a timeline. You can start working on your own, exploring creative ways to complete the tasks before the time ends. No matter whether you achieve the success or not, but you’ll end up learning something.

This is something I have learned as a travel writer at FareKingdom.

I started exploring new ways of learning, living, and enjoying my life and I am much better than what I was two years before. I love taking challenges and have the ability to go through almost every situation in life. Initially I thought it is going to be humiliating if things didn’t work out and I had to head back home. And of course, just like every person trying on something new, things didn’t work out at first. I wondered of giving up many times, wondering I should give up and get back to my previous job, but since I loved my passion and the platform was supporting it, I went through everything and the results are great.

Today, I am free, experienced, and a professional travel blogger with experience to take charge of almost every situation and have the passion to turn my dreams into reality. Let’s hope my new experience of budget traveling works as well.

Contributor: Sharell Mills, FareKingdom cheap Flights tickets online.

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