How Can You Save Money On Your Next UK Staycation At Your Favourite Holiday Park?

Brits are famous for their antics abroad but there’s been a recent rise in staycations in the UK, meaning that more and more Brits are choosing to stay in their homeland for their holidays.

Staycations have so many benefits over going abroad: you don’t have the stress and hassle of leaving the country, they can take less planning, and they can be a lot cheaper.

However, we’re all looking to penny pinch as much as possible from time to time, so here are some ways you can do that when visiting your favourite holiday park.

Staycations in UK

Pick the right dates

When it comes to saving money on any type of holiday, timing is key and holiday parks are no exception to this. 

We spoke to holiday park and home experts Elite Dynamics who said: “If you want to save a few pennies when you visit a holiday park, try to avoid visiting at peak times or during school holidays.”

“Choosing to staycation during the quieter periods of the year could save you a significant sum of money and can even help you to avoid crowds at nearby attractions. Just bear in mind that some holiday parks close during the quieter times of the year, so bookings may not always be available.” 

Drive to your destination

If you have full access to a car, it can be really cost-effective to drive to your destination. With rail fares increasing by 3.4 percent in January 2018, depending on your destination, it may not be worth your while to catch a train if you’re trying to save money.

Similarly, coaches and buses can be a little bit pricey so, if you can, driving may be your cheapest option. However, it’s always worth comparing prices before you go as you can get some good transport deals. 

Take your own food

Depending on where you’re staying and for how long you’ll be there, this may not be an appropriate option for the entirety of your holiday, but taking your own food on your staycation can save you some serious money.

If your accommodation has a fridge or freezer, you’ll be able to take all manner of foods on holiday with you so that you don’t have to shell out for expensive restaurants and cafes – although the odd little splurge here and there might occur!

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