Terminally Heathrow Airport destination guide

Located in the west of London, at the Borough of Hillington, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the busiest airport in UK and the third-busiest in the world. It handles more international visitors that any other airdrome in the world. Established in 1940s, the expansive London Heathrow Airport is the main airport of London, and a significant one of England and the whole of United Kingdom.

Heathrow Airport GuidePresently it is segregated into 4 terminals- T1, T3, T4 and T5.  T2, the original terminal was closed during the month of November in 2009 but is expected to reopen in 2014. The airport had earned an ill-reputation for long queues and delays. But since the opening of the new terminal, T5, in March 2008, the situation has improved to a great extent.

Today the airdrome is used by more than 90 airlines with flights plying between 170 destinations all across the world. It is the main centre of British Airways and the base of Virgin Atlantic.

Flight operation in the terminals:

  • T1 operates British Airways, Virgin Atlantic domestic and most of the Star Alliance airlines, except for TX, NJ and Houston, and United Airlines flights to and from Newark.
  • T3 operates British Airways( Vienna, Malaga, Helsinki, Nice, Lisbon, Madrid, Gibralter and Barcelona), Virgin Atlantic, Quantas and British Airways flights to Australia, Singapore, Bangkok and some of the Star Alliance carriers. It also operates most of the Oneworld airlines.
  • T4 operates United Airlines flights to and from Newark, TX, NJ and Houston and all SkyTeam airlines.
  • T5 operates Iberia and most of the British Airways flights.

The situation, however, changes regularly; hence, you need to check which terminal you are required to use at the airport.

How to access Heathrow Airport?

Located about 27 km from the western part of Central London, LHR can be accessed via M4, M3 and M40. T5 can directly be reached via M25.

Buses, cabs, railways and London Underground ply between Heathrow and Central London. If you are travelling by train, you should note that there are different trains and stations for different terminals.

The depots of car rental are to be found along the northern fringe of the airport. Free shuttle buses are also available from all the terminals.

Night bus

If you need to reach or leave the airport late at night when all other public transport system has stopped operating, then you can use the N9 night bus which operates to and from Aldwych located in Central London.

Car parking

The procedure for car parking at Heathrow airdrome is different for every car park. While some require you to simply report to the front-desk, the others require you to pre-book using your credit card and enter the car park. Registration plate recognition may also be needed in some cases.  The prices charged for car parks may also vary.

Where can you eat?

There are various budget, mid-range and expensive restaurants and cafés at the terminals. You may choose one according to your budget.

Where can you stay?

LHR is a huge airdrome with several budget hotels in it. You can choose any of it according to your budget.

Keep in touch

Boingo Wireless network is available all across the Heathrow Airport.

Sightseeing around LHR

If you have quite some time in hand before the departure of your flight, you may visit tourist spots like Windsor Castle, Little India in Southall, Denham and Stoke Poges, Hampton Court Palace, Legoland, etc.

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