Travel Guide of Places to visit and Attractions in Pattaya Thailand

Beaches are what come to our mind when we think of Pattaya. This sea side resort is about 150 km away from Bangkok. It has always been extremely popular for sunbathing, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, go-karting etc. Apart from sea and activities related to it, Pattaya is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. In Thailand, you will get one of the best sea foods you can ever imagine. Given the huge number of foreigner tourists visiting the city, Thailand also serves foreign cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indian, English, Scandinavian, Hungarian, German, Swiss, Italian, French etc. Besides all these, Pattaya is also very popular for its night life. If you are a night life lover, then don’t miss to visit Pattaya walking street.

Things to do Pattaya Thailand


Jomitian beach

This 6 km long beach is popular for enjoying day-outs with your family. Here, you will have countless options as far as eating and shopping is concerned.

Dongton Beach

This is a beach that is mostly frequented by people from the LGBT community. In fact, it is the only gay beach in greater-Pattaya. This 265 m beach is divided into sections where you can chill and relax and have a chat with the people around, get a massage, eat, drink, buy DVDs etc.

Ko Phai

This is the biggest island in Mu Ko Phai, a small uninhabited archipelago. Ko Phai is characterized by rocky cliffs and coral reefs. You can scuba dive here and see the ruins of HTMS Khram, a vintage ship belonging to the Royal Thai Navy, that was sunk on the east of Ko Phai in the year 2003 so that an artificial submerged reef can be formed.

Wong Phrachan Beach

If you are looking for a refreshing swim, this beach can be the ideal one.

Thailand Girls in Pattaya Beach

Wong Phra Chan Beach

Unlike the other beaches of Pattaya, this one offers a serene ambiance. Therefore, it is ideal for people seeking rest and tranquility.

Buddha Hill

You will find Pattaya’s hugest Buddha statue on the Buddha hill which is one of the highest points in Pattaya. Nearby, there is a holy area dedicated to Confucious and Lao-zi.

Just across the next hill, you will find the Pattaya Bay coastline viewpoint. The locals visit this place to pay their regards to Wat Khao Phra Bat and the monument of the founding father of modern-day Thai navy, Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak.

Ban Sukhawadee

This is popular as the residence of Dr. Panya Chotithewan. People visit this place to pay homage to Bodhishattva Kwan Yin and see the spacious roof and conference room.

Pattaya Walking Street

Sanctuary of Truth

Located at Laem Ratchawet by the sea side, this is an ancient wooden temple that showcases exquisite architecture. It was conceived out of the belief that human civilization is a result of philosophical and religious truth.

Anek Kuson Sala

This art gallery houses superior pieces of fine arts and Chinese architectures that were constructed in 1987 for the purpose of celebrating the 60th birthday of the king. It houses an exhibition that displays valuable antiques such as horses and terracotta soldiers from Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb and his golden throne, Bodhisattva Kwan Yin’s sculpture made out of white jade, precious pottery and paintings etc.

Mini Siam

This is an interesting theme park that houses miniature replicas of the famous Thai structures, forming one of the world’s most popular model villages.

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